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Dumb Dabs Vintage Mini-Stickers Wax Pack

Dumb Dabs Vintage Mini-Stickers Wax Pack

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Our vintage trading cards are a blast from the past! 

Made by Fleer in 1977, Dumb Dabs mini-sticker trading card packs are known as "wax packs" for their wax paper wrapping. These are pretty rare and really cool! Each pack contains four cardboard cards, each with nine oval kiss-cut stickers with a variety of fun, weird retro images and phrases. Stickers are still sticky and totally usable! The back of each card has a one-color "Dumb Dab Funnies" single-panel comic strip.  

Each pack contains four cards with 36 stickers in total, plus a stick of crumbling ancient gum. (Don't eat the gum!!!) The backs are printed with "puzzle tiles" designed to be collected and assembled to create a larger picture.  

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