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Bench Warmer Series 1 Vintage Trading Cards

Bench Warmer Series 1 Vintage Trading Cards

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Our vintage trading cards are a blast from the past!

In 1989, Connie Woods became the first woman to have her own trading card set when she conceptualized, created and founded Bench Warmer Trading Cards. This six card set, produced solely by Miss Woods, was limited to a run of 10,000 sets. Founded in 1992, Bench Warmer International, Inc. released a second set of Bench Warmer trading cards using its motto "Trading Cards Never Looked So Good". The premier edition featured nearly 100 different up-and-coming models, actresses and starlets. Models are featured in swimsuits, lingerie or wearing various sports gear and attire. This time 20,000,000 cards were printed and distributed - and now they’re here at Scorpion Lollipop!

Each pack contains 10 double sided trading cards. These aren’t too raunchy, but they are on the PG-13 side - think Maxim magazine cheesecake shots. 

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